ABOUT red-sep

C4PROD is a creative video agency and production company based in Paris that strives to create high-end commercial, corporate, digital and branded content.

Created in February 2000, C4 Productions was originally dedicated to the production of music videos. Since then, we have extended our activity to advertising, documentaries and feature films.  Overtime, C4 has produced and directed, in collaboration with the most prestigious labels, numerous commercials, live concerts, documentaries and more than 250 music videos (including stereoscopic 3D and stop motion films).

With these 16 years of experience and the filmmakers we have developed, C4 Productions has decided to turn its focus towards cinema. Our goal today is to produce movies with strong identities and provide viewers with rich cinematic experiences. More than for the promotion of a specific genre, our editorial line is led by the artists and stories we love. From one project to another we wish to contribute to the diversity of the seventh art.