Girls with balls

After winning their female volleyball championship, The Falcons’ bus breaks down in the middle of the forest during a special kind of hunting season. A new game begins for the adorable, but tough girls, and the hunters should be ready for their prey.

Written by Jean-luc Cano et Olivier Afonso
Directed by Olivier Afonso
Genre : Trash Comedy

Au clair de la lune

Three of the members of the hit Italian television show “Stella” have died by the hand of a murderer inspired by the Comedia dell’arte. Inspector Armando Merli takes on the case to protect its star Stella Brava, which will change his life forever.

Written and directed by Renaud Gauthier
Genre: Thriller

Je t’aime

Claire, an emotionally stunted 25 year old mother, decides on a whim to take her cancer stricken daughter, Lola, on a road trip, granting her long neglected wish.
During the ride, mother and daughter will mend their relationship, grow into their respective roles and learn to accept the cards that life has given them.

Written and directed by Natacha Grangeon and Julia Retali.


Killing Hope

Anas al-Basha, 24 years of age, is not your standard Syrian. At the heart of a war-torn Aleppo, in the midst of a civil war, his only weapon is his red nose and the smiles it brings to the children that surround him: he is the last clown of Aleppo.

Writers : Natacha Grangeon, Julia Retali
Directors : Natacha Grangeon, Julia Retali
Genre: Drama
Duration : 18 mn


In the heart of Sicily, Alfio and Maria dream of escaping their blue collar circumstances. They struggle to survive in a society tainted by unemployment and job insecurity. Here, the right to start a family is a privilege that a worker can’t access without running the risk of losing his job.

Writer(s) : Bruno URSO, Fabrizio URSO, Giuseppe CONSALES
Director(s) : Bruno URSO, Fabrizio URSO
Genre: Drama
Duration : 14 mn
Prizes : Prix du «Meilleur film » et « Meilleur montage » au Festival Arcipelago, Prix du « Meilleur Film » Festival OverLook et Trieste, « Mention Spéciale » au Festival Européen de Brest et aux Nastri d’Argento 2012, Prix du jury au Festival Clap 89

Luigi indelicato

Luigi is a young hard-working carpenter. After receiving a number of threats, he realizes that he has to find a way to come up with the money to pay off the local mafia. Although the amount isn’t all that much, Luigi can’t round up enough money due to the fact that the few clients he has don’t pay for the work he has already finished. Luigi knows that he has to make a decision, however this is impossible. He spends his days hanging from the hope of something and someone that will come and solve his problem.

Writer(s) : Bruno URSO, Fabrizio URSO, Giuseppe CONSALES
Director(s) : Bruno URSO, Fabrizio URSO
Genre: Drama
Duration : 14 mn
Prizes : « Mention d’honneur » au Nastri d’Argento, Prix du « Meilleur film » au Festival Arcipelago


9 – Tony Parker, a figure , a man

Tony Parker keeps setting records: The first French NBA champion, the youngest point guard in NBA history, and the youngest member in the history of the San Antonio Spurs. At only 26 years old, he is a genuine media phenomenon, appearing to have made all of his dreams come true. Yet, Tony Parker is also a man of values, sharing with today’s youth the same cultural codes. An authentic person and risk taker, who faces pressure and ignores his detractors.
9 is an exceptional 60 minutes long movie, which, through the accounts and testimonies of his family, friends, teammates and rarely shown archives, follows Tony Parker’s fantastic rise allowing us to discover the man and his leitmotiv: “Anything is possible as long as you want it .”

The bay of wolves

On a daily basis, the shores of Priolo are totally devastated by the petrochemical industries that dump into the sea the toxic waste resulting from the oil refining process. This area, forgotten by the authorities, provides the entire country of Italy with the fossil fuels that it needs.