We are an independent production company built on creative ideas and talents.

C4 productions provides a large range of content for any medium through imagination, storytelling, and innovative technology.

Created in February 2000 by Jean-Marie Antonini, C4 Productions has always been looking for contemporary and eclectic creations. Initially dedicated to the production of music videos, we have evolved our business towards documentary and cinema. Our objective today is clearly to orient ourselves towards cinema fiction.

With these experiences and the meeting of many talented directors, C4 Productions turned very naturally towards cinema and documentary. Our objective is to develop audacious productions, with strong identities and to be able to offer to the spectators films of various universes. Also, our editorial line is not the reflection of a specific cinematographic genre, but that of the favorites from meetings with authors, and stories that carry us, with a strong bias.

We have also produced several short films, the most recent being "Killing Hope" written and directed by Natacha Grangeon and Julia Retali but also "Luigi Indelicato" and "Salvatore" by directors Bruno and Fabrizio Urso. These two short films received the Best Film Award at the Arcipelago Festival as well as many other selections and awards at several festivals. They have been broadcast on Canal + but also on several foreign channels. Building on these successes, we are currently developing several long-term projects. feature films, including Olivier Afonso's trashy comedy "Girls with balls", which will be released in the summer of 2018 and "Je t'aime", director Julia Retali and Natacha Grangeon's first feature film. With the aim of supporting our authors / directors in their development, we also produce several short film projects such as "Aiò Zitelli", which received the support of the Corsican region and whose filming is scheduled for May and “Love.com”.

C4 Productions has decided to start a real shift by investing now in the 7th art. We are committed to bringing a personal style to each of our productions, by listening to both the audience and the authors of our time.